The DNA concept is clear

Supporting slow-fashion initiatives. Providing a select range of colours. Applying long-lasting, sustainable, carefully crafted products with the finest materials from prime partners. Employing the best expertise in production. It all results in the jump to our, what we now call, b-shirts (business shirts), for men.

Here’s a brief overview of our journey:
After two decades of donning mainstream, fast-fashion shirts that were of poor quality and far from environmentally friendly, a transformative experience unfolded during my visit to Padova, Italy. This excursion became the catalyst for a new direction, inspiring the creation of my own brand: DNA.

With a laser focus on organic and sustainable materials, DNA aims to deliver unique, contemporary designs of the highest quality. Meticulous attention to detail is paramount, ensuring a product that approaches perfection.

Determined to master the art of shirt making, I sought expert guidance to fulfill my commitment to offering the best product in the market. Rolling up my sleeves, I equipped myself with professional tools, delving into the intricacies of shirt making, from understanding fabrics and stitching to buttons and, of course, design.

In collaboration with designers, trade exhibition colleagues, textile experts, and a comprehensive search for sustainable suppliers, I embarked on the journey of crafting my initial shirts by deconstructing them into various elements. My dedication extended to acquiring and immersing myself in literature related to shirt-making and fabrics, engaging in brainstorming sessions with fashion designers, and attending international fabric trade exhibitions. Studying thousands of textiles and accessories, I actively sought sustainable solutions from suppliers.

Amidst this process, I delved into the aesthetics of Scandinavian design, appreciating its clean lines and minimalistic approach, while also admiring the near-perfection of Italian craftsmanship. The amalgamation of these influences and knowledge became the driving force behind my initial design concepts, which I began sketching on my home dining table. These early designs ignited a deep passion, motivating me to persist until I ultimately crafted the prototype that I proudly named DNA.

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