Class THREE: How to Iron a Shirt?

How to Iron a Shirt?

Let’s check out the 10 Steps for ironing your DNA Shirt:

  1. Since DNA shirts are crafted from the Finest, Easy-to-Care fabrics, you can simplify your ironing routine by investing in a DNA Shirt
  2. Prepare the iron and ironing board: Set up your ironing board in a clean, flat area. Make sure the iron is filled with water if it has a steam function and plug it in to heat up.
  3. Check the fabric: Check the care label on your DNA Shirt to determine the appropriate temperature for ironing.
  4. Spray with water: If your DNA Shirt is wrinkled, lightly mist it with water. This helps to loosen the wrinkles and makes ironing easier.
  5. Start with the collar: Lay the collar flat on the ironing board and iron it from one end to the other.
  6. Iron the cuffs: Button the cuffs and lay them flat on the ironing board. Iron the inside first, then the outside.
  7. Iron the sleeves: Lay each sleeve flat on the ironing board, smoothing out any wrinkles. Start ironing from the shoulder down to the cuff, making sure to iron both sides.
  8. Iron the front and back: Lay the shirt front side down on the ironing board and iron from the top down. Repeat the process for the back of the shirt.
  9. Focus on details: Pay attention to any buttons, metal tags, labels or pockets on the shirt. Iron around them carefully to avoid damaging them.
  10. Hang and store properly: Once you’ve finished ironing, hang your DNA shirt on a hanger to cool and dry completely before wearing or storing.

Remember to always follow DNA Shrts instructions and test a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before ironing to avoid damage. With practice, you’ll become more efficient at ironing shirts!

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