created from Organic fabrics and sustainable accessories

Exclusivity meets contemporary design

Slow fashion with  Italian expertise

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We’ve selected the finest textiles to ensure the long-lasting quality of your DNA shirt. Offering only limited range of colors, supporting sustainability, keeping simplicity of your DNA garment.
We believe in sustainable EBIT.

Sustainable accessories


Due to our passion for organic materials we are continuously searching for the finest quality organic cotton suppliers who offering us sustainable, certified, but still easy to care textiles.

Our b-shirt (business shirt) garments made from Bluesign. Certified fabrics produced in Europe by a prestigious supplier deeply committed to sustainability with the headquarter in one of the most beautiful region of the globe.


Besides textiles we’ve put huge effort to select our best partners providing sustainable solutions for buttons, lines, tags, cards, packaging, shirt bag etc. DNA shrts contributes to the environmental footprint reduction also in every possible accessories.

We also focus on reduction of packaging materials, using only the necessary (and recyclable) packaging materials, our organic cotton shirt bag can be used long term, covering your shirt safely.

Sustainable accessories


Here’s a brief overview of our journey:
After two decades of donning mainstream, fast-fashion shirts that were of poor quality and far from environmentally friendly, a transformative experience unfolded during my visit to Padova, Italy. This excursion became the catalyst for a new direction, inspiring the creation of my own brand: DNA.

With a laser focus on organic and sustainable materials, DNA aims to deliver unique, contemporary designs of the highest quality. Meticulous attention to detail is paramount, ensuring a product that approaches perfection.

Determined to master the art of shirt making, I sought expert guidance to fulfill my commitment to offering the best product in the market. Rolling up my sleeves, I equipped myself with professional tools, delving into the intricacies of shirt making, from understanding fabrics and stitching to buttons and, of course, design.


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Organic cotton shirt
DNA shrts
DNA shrts
DNA shrts

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